What Happened to The Narrowboat Experience? [QUICK VERSION]

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If, like me, you are an avid watcher of the Youtube Vlog channel Narrowboat Experience, you may be wondering what has been going on recently. They haven’t posted a video for ages on there and today I am going to dive into why! Of course, you can find out yourself by watching their last few videos, but there is a lot of chit-chat and cat talk to get through first! So, if you want the quick version, read on 🙂

Who are The Narrowboat Experience?

If you have no idea who The Narrowboat Experience are, let me quickly explain. They are Annamarie and Kath, both avid animal lovers, who travel the UK on their 57ft narrowboat with their two cats, Munchy and Alice.

If you have any interest in narrowboats and you use YouTube, you are bound to have stumbled across a few of their videos. They don’t just have cruising vlogs, you see, they also have product reviews and tutorials about different aspects of canal boat life. This is how I became an avid watcher myself.

What Happened to The Narrowboat Experience?

Anna Marie and Kath had been posting on their YouTube channel The Narrowboat Experience regularly for years, but you may have noticed that at the time of writing there were no more videos since January 2021. And a lot of people in the comments section of their last video seem concerned for their safety!

So, have they been abducted by aliens, or did they just leave YouTube in a huff? Well, actually the explanation is pretty simple.

Since the COVID lockdown in England around the time of their last video, they have decided to do less videos. This is because, during lockdown, they cannot really do their usual cruising videos. Also, I get the feeling that the girls think they have put out all the narrowboat tutorials and reviews that they can. This led to them not wanting to make more videos.

Having said this, whenever you have a hiatus on YouTube, it is very easy to let this stretch out. In their latest stream they did talk about possible new cruising vlogs, but none have materialised as yet. I think the COVID lockdown hiatus has just grown and spread longer than expected.

Coupled to this, they have decided to focus more on their art business and the related art YouTube channel. In fact, in the last stream on The Narrowboat Experience, they talked about putting any cruising vlogs from their narrowboat on their art channel.

So How Can you Stay in Touch with The Narrowboat Experience?

If you want to stay up to date with The Narrowboat Experience, you can follow their Facebook page, although it is also a bit light on content. You can also follow their Instagram account which is slightly more active.

Actually, the best place to keep up to date with them in their new art related YouTube channel. Both of them are on this channel, but just be aware that the narrowboat content is very limited. It is pretty much all about art and drawing techniques.

It’s a shame that The Narrowboat Experience are no longer posting about narrowboat content at the moment. It seems their enthusiasm for narrowboat content has waned in favour of art content. This is fair enough, everyone has the right to move on and do want makes them happy. And who knows, maybe one day they will get the bug again for narrowboat content 🙂 All the best girls, you are deeply missed!!

An Update (June 2022)

This week an interesting video popped up in my feed. It was from The Narrowboat Experience and it was the update video we have all been waiting for. Thank you to all the readers that also thought to post below to let me know about this too.

This video had a thumbnail that wrote ‘This is Goodbye’ so I don’t think they left us in any doubt about the nature of this update. The Narrowboat Experience have now officially hung up their YouTube boots (when it comes to narrowboating anyway) and are selling their narrowboat as we speak.

Quite a few of my favorite narrowboat Youtuber Vloggers have now given up their channels and/or moved out of narrowboating. But I would never dream of saying anything bad about this. Annamarie and Kath don’t owe us anything! I know as avid fans we can get carried away sometimes and feel disappointed we will not have those vlogs we so loved. They need to live their lives as they see fit and I wish them all the best! And I thank them for taking the time to make a goodbye video.

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  1. It seems they’ve hung up the windlass for good. Yesterday, they posted a short farewell vlog saying thanks to their subscribers.

    They were a lovely and charming couple, I wish them luck in their future.


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