The Electric Narrowboat [IS IT POSSIBLE?]

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK. Today we are going to discuss electric narrowboats. Is it possible to have an electric narrowboat? More importantly, is it practical? Today we want to provide some information for anyone that might be considering electricity as their main source of propulsion on a narrowboat. Why the Interest in Electric …

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Narrowboat Interior Design – Ideas,Tips & Layouts!

tips for the inside of your narrowboat.

Welcome back to CanalBoatUK. Today we are looking at narrowboat interiors, the different layouts available and tips we have for making the most of the rather compact interior you have to work with. We hope this will make a good starting point for anyone thinking about updating their layout or even buying a new one …

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Top Tips for Securing your Narrowboat/ Canal Boat!

Do narrowboats really get burgled?

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK, today we are going to look at a very important subject for any boat owners! Securing your boat against break-ins and burglaries. As well as losing valuable possessions during a robbery, you would also find it hard to go back to a boat after such an event. You feel …

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How much does it cost to live on a Narrowboat? [CRUISING]

how much does it cost to live on a narrowboat?

As with van life in America, a lot of people think of narrowboating in the UK as a cheap and practical way to enjoy a slow paced and relaxing life. However, a lot of them jump into narrowboating without fully understanding what it entails. This article hopes to lay the costs of living on a …

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