Does a Narrowboat Need an Anchor?

Does a narrowboat need an anchor?

Welcome back to CanalBoatUK, today I want to talk about narrowboats and anchors…..what are they? Do you need them? Which one is the best to buy? If you have ever wondered about anchors on your narrowboat, please read on 🙂 What is an Anchor? An anchor is pretty much the most used imagery for anything …

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Storms and Narrowboats [DO THEY MIX?]

storms on a narrowboat.

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK and another article (hopefully) full of useful tips. Today I am looking at the subject of storms and how they mix with canal and narrowboat life! Although the UK doesn’t often get serious storms (such as hurricane’s and typhoons), it is still well worth making sure you are taking …

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Ultimate Guide to Narrowboat Doors

best doors for a narrowboat.

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK! Today I am looking at the subject of narrowboat doors. Which doors are best and what to do if you don’t like your current doors?? Doors are an important part of any narrowboat, and you would be surprised at the amount of agonising that owners go through trying to …

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Canal & Narrowboat Research Project 2020 [TRENDS WITH APOLLO DUCK DATA?]

Apollo Duck narrowboat research project

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK, and another article that will hopefully shed some more light on the world of canal boats. Today we are trying something totally new, a research project that I have undertaken to try and find some interesting trends within the narrowboat/ canal boat market. When starting this website, I didn’t …

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How Much is a Canal Boat?

How much is a canal boat?

Welcome back to Canal Boat UK. In the past we have done some buying guides, such as our guide to buying a used narrowboat. However, today I want to tackle the somewhat simpler question of ‘How Much is a Canal Boat’. Of course, there are a lot of variables involved in buying a boat, so …

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