Best Canal & Narrowboat Magazines

best canal boat magazines.

Today I want to venture into the world of magazines and more specifically those that are on the subject of canal and narrowboats. Actually, most popular magazines do seem to mainly focus on the narrowboat side of the canal boat world. Apart from the odd article here or there talking about those ‘plastic fantastic’ ‘yoghurt …

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Best Narrowboat Fenders!

Narrowboat fenders

If you have spent any decent amount of time around the canals of the UK, you will probably have noticed these weird rope twisty things that hang off the side of narrowboats! These are called fenders and, if you ever wondered about them, please read on. This is that fender article you have always wanted …

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How do canal boats turn around?

how to turn a canal boat.

When talking about turning most vehicles, it’s usually pretty obvious. Turning a car or even a regular boat around is a pretty simple affair. However, when looking at the sheer length of a typical canal boat (especially a narrowboat) alongside the narrow nature of the British canals, and you would be forgiven for wondering how …

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